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Waking Up in a Nightmare. |Claudia and Cesare

Claudia groaned when she awakened, in a cold, wet dungeon. Claudia would try to move from her seat, as she was roped tightly. Snarling, she tossed and jerked her body, trying to break free. “LET.ME.GO” She had a massive hangover, her head feeling like the world was weighing down on it.

"I said… LET ME GO!" The Machiavelli’s bride bellowed, having snarled, as she closed her eyes knowing all hope was not lost.

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    Claudia jerked viciously as she tossed and turned, snarling. “I SAID LET ME GO!” She squirmed and writhed in pain,...
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    The man only laughed at her words. It seemed he would have a sore arm in the morning if she kept this up. “We have time....